Troop 358 in the Wild

One weekend per month, Troop 358 heads out for adventure.  Most trips involve camping.  Some trips involve special venues and involve non-traditional "camping".  Occasionally, we'll participate in regional or even state-wide scouting events where we get to hang out with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other scouts.

Each time we go out, we learn new skills, challenge ourselves to extend our comfort zones, practice leadership skills, and often do a little bit of service along the way.

Recent destinations have included:

  • Jacob's Cave
  • Crystal Bridges
  • Pioneer Gun Club
  • Omaha Zoo
  • Trapper's Rendezvous
  • Camporee
  • Emerald City
  • Misty River Equestrian

Recent Campouts

Omaha Zoo

We hiked through the desert and the aquarium, had an awesome sleep-over with the orangutans, and a night-hike through the swamplands.

Pioneer Gun Club

We learned the safe use of guns, range rules, and then experience shooting targets with various rifles and shotguns.  We even were able to try black powder rifles.

Crystal Bridges

Arkansas!  We camped on Beaver lake, toured the Crystal Bridges art museum, rode bikes on the trails around Crystal Bridges and enjoyed ice cream in Rogers, Arkansas

Emerald City

Overnight lock-in.  We enjoyed swinging into foam pits, climbing, slides, rolling around in foam barrels and wheels, pizza, watching a movie, and staying up late.

Trapper's Rendezvous

This was one of our larger events with several thousand scouts from all over Kansas participating.  It was COOOOLD that weekend, but we had a great time meeing other scouts and trading small items with them.

Misty River Equestrian

We completed all the requirements for horsemanship merit badge.  We learned how to safely work around horses, how to groom them, saddle them, and ride them.  We camped next to a pond in the pasture.